Christmas Around the World


Gavle Goat

Gavle goat means Christmas goat. They build a giant goat that is 13 meters high. Even though the government doesn’t want people to burn it down, someone eventually does.



Yule-lads means Christmas boys. There are 13 little boys, which are like little elves. They visit kids like Santa and give them a gift if they are good. If the kids are naughty they get a rotten potato. The elves put the gifts in a shoe that the kids put out. Each elf has a different name. Some of the names are Spoonlicker: this elf looks for spoons. Windowpeeper: looks in the windows. Sausagestealer: this one steals sausages. Doorsniffer: sniffs door ways.

Book Flood

Everyone gives each other lots of books and they stay up all night reading them.


St. Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht

St. Nikolaus

On December 6th, they celebrate St. Nikolaus Day. In order to get a present the kids have to sing or recite a poem. St. Nikolaus rides around on a donkey and gives presents out to everyone.

Knecht Ruprecht

He is known as St. Nikolaus’s evil twin. If kids are naughty Knecht will whip or beat the kids.


Little Candles Day(Día de las Velitas)

This days honors Mary Mother of Jesus. In Colombia most people are Catholic. They celebrate on December 7th.

Spain(and Latin American)

La Nochebeuna

They eat pig and have a mass until or past midnight. After mass everyone gets together and exchange gifts. Whoever finds the little baby gets to put it in the nativity and it is known as good luck.


Kiviak- the yummiest Christmas dish in the world.

The people in Greenland find a seal and kill it, then they hollow it out. They also go and find sea birds called aux. They kill them and stuff them in the seal. Even the beak and feathers. They hide it under a rock and leave there until Christmas. On Christmas they bust open the seal and eat the stuff inside. If you do not do it correctly it could make you sick.

South Africa

Deep-fried Caterpillars

This is a very old tradition. One of the reasons they do this is because caterpillars are very common in Africa.


Kentucky Fried Chicken

A long time ago a guy went to Japan and convinced the people there that KFC was the thing to eat on Christmas, and the people believed him. Over a million people do this in Japan.


Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

Ded Moroz

In Russia they tried to make New Years more important than Christmas. Ded Moroz is kind of like Santa. He either  wears red or blue. In Russia they call him Father Frost. He carries a staff around which the people there believe is magic.


This is Father Frost’s side kick or daughter. She wears blue.

Back in the days they used to celebrate Christmas on January 7th, they still do that. The reason that happened was because the used to go by a different calendar than America.


In Macedonia they celebrate Christmas on January 7th, like In Russia. Their celebrations start on January 5th. On the 5th, everybody gathers around a campfire and talk. On the 6th, the kids go around and knock on doors and sing for candy. It’s basically like caroling and trick or treating combined. They also bake a loaf of bread with a coin in it. It is considered good luck if you find the coin.

Tell me in the comments what some of your traditions are.



By Ruth Roths

Iraq is located in Southeast Asia, which is better known as the Middle East. Its surrounding countries are Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and Syria.

Iraq’s History
Before Iraq was called Iraq it was called the Cradle of Civilization. It was ruled by many different religions, including the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Assyrians. Later it was ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, and the Ottoman Turks.
Iraq was founded on October 1, 1919, after World War I was over. Great Britain was in control of Iraq from 1920-1932. It became an independent country on October 3, 1932.

Iraq’s History with America
In 2002, the United States had become tired of Iraq’s failure to comply with the terms of the peace treaty. The congress had given the president, George W. Bush, the authority to use military force to remove the current leader, Saddam Hussein, from power if he wouldn’t let international weapons spectators into Iraq. Later the U.S. convinced the 15 members of the U.N. Security Council to pass a resolution requiring Iraq to abandon its production of weapons of mass destruction or face serious consequences. Iraq accepted the resolution and allowed the U.N. weapons inspectors into the country. In early 2003, no operational weapons had been found.

On March 19, 2003, the U.S. and its allies, Europe and Australia, invaded Iraq in effort to remove Hussein from power. The regime quickly fell when the troop seized Baghdad on April 9.

Jack and Jill Book Review

This book is probably one of my favorite books that I have read for school. The book was sad in different parts, it was funny in different parts. My favorite part was when Jacks mother told a story that was kind of based off of Jill. The beginning of the book was about when Jack and Jill got hurt very badly. The middle of the book was about how they got better. The end of the book was about their adventures that they had once they where all healed. I would definitely read it again.